tomoko ninomiya kena carpal tunnel syndrome… means that nodame cantabile movie production will be held… gyaboo…
bukannya gak prihatin sama tomoko ninomiya. apalagi buat penulis/komikus, kena sakit di pergelangan tangan pasti menderita banget. buat yang belum tahu, carpal tunnel syndrome atau sindrom terowongan karpal adalah penyakit yang menyerang tulang di bagian pergelangan tangan (tulang pergelangan tangan kan namanya tulang karpal–ingat pelajaran smp ^^). penyakit ini “…disebabkan adanya pembengkakan saraf yang melewati terowongan karpal di pergelangan tangan.” seperti dikutip dari sini.
well, kalo gitu, para fans nodame, mari kita doakan semoga tomoko ninomiya segera sembuh, supaya bisa kembali menulis, menggambar, dan menyelesaikan nodame cantabile movie yang sudah kita nanti-nantikan!!



nodame cantabile

nodame cantabile

i know it’s a little bit late, no, it’s much much too late. but i don’t care.
i’ve been watched the series for about 5 or 6 times already. can’t get enough of nodame cantabile. i’ll never get enough.
anyway, i haven’t watch the special episodes in europe yet, but i’ve been read the recaps and some of my friends spoiled it. seems nice and sweet. eager to watch.
oh, and i’ve heard that there will be the sequel of it, and not only one but two movies. mukyaaaa!! if i wasn’t misread, it’ll come out on the end of this year, in december, and the second will be about few months later a.k.a. next year. gyabooo!!!! can’t wait!!!