ouch, this is so heartbreaking…

Jang Geun Suk leaves message on ‘You’re Beautiful’ homepage
[태경♡] 황태경입니다! 2009.10.29 10:47:11

Hello viewers of ‘You’re Beautiful’. This is Jang Geun Suk, currently taking on the role of Hwang Taekyung in ‘You’re Beautiful’. I actually planned to write something here before the series began but because of filming and my tight schedule…

I was really late this time ^^

It has already been a month since ‘You’re Beautiful’ started airing. We don’t have many finished scenes; we just shoot right before the episode goes on air. Therefore, both the actors and the staff are feeling the strain. Maybe it’s because we’ve got great teamwork on the set of’ You’re Beautiful’ or maybe it’s cause of the young actors, but this has to the most fun and enjoyable drama I’ve ever filmed.
I suppose most of you know this but we finally hit the 2 figure mark last week (for viewership ratings). Although there might be people who doubt that we could do well since we’re a group of really young actors, or people who might be more interested in other dramas that are currently airing, there are now more people who will go ‘Ah~’ when the drama’s title is mentioned and more people who remember this drama. We might not have the resources and support to make this drama a magnificent one, but through our passion and great teamwork, we, the actors and the staffs are working hard to show everyone that this is a good drama. And the lovely words and interest that everyone has shown us has been a great source of strength to us.

(I always check our search rankings on various portal sites ^^)

Truthfully, as the leader of AN Jell, I feel sorry to my dongsaengs. We wanted to show this drama to more people but the viewership ratings were lower than we expected. I started to wonder if it was because I didn’t manage to bring across the Hwang Taekyung character well or if it’s because of Jang Geun Suk that people cannot accept this drama….many such thoughts crossed my mind..

(Cause I’m an A blood type, you know) (T/N: Type As are known to be perfectionists)

But I don’t think that way now. I won’t dwell on just viewership ratings. Looking at the other younger actors striving so hard to embrace their characters makes me realize that I should be the one learning from them. I’ve thought of giving up because it was too tough. I didn’t expect it to be so satisfying leading this group of inexperienced young actors holding their scripts, joking on set and researching how to express a particular scene. ^^

This week’s episodes will be the half point mark for this drama. Recently, not just me but also all my co-workers have just been shooting continuously.

We’ll do our best all the way to the very end. Till then, please give us your love and opinions ^^

Jang Geun Suk as…..Taekyung preparing to shoot the 19th scene of episode 8 at SBS Ilsan Tanhyun G-Studio

translated by: Sparkskey @ LJ
credit: renfu_4lways @soompi

really, i can’t be more agree with all the fans of YAB around the world, this series is criminally underrated. seriously.

there’s nothing more to say, because everyone who has been watched it know, this is absolutely the drama that we have waited for so long, for it’s qualified writers, casts, crews, soundtrack… every single pieces of this drama is just so beautiful…

please, cheer up, jang geun seok oppa, and all the people behind this drama, we appreciate you and your hard work all this time. don’t let the ratings makes you down… because we’re here to support you, and eagerly waiting for every single episode…


(p.s. if you’re able to read hangul and want to read the real article, avetsada @soompi gives us the link here)


ow, ow, siapa diaa?

this is what happen when you mix kim bum’s baby face with lee min ho’s charisma

tak perlu diduga-duga, saya memang sedang tergila-gila oleh pemuda ini, hehe. tadinya sih bertanya-tanya, siapa sih orang ini, saya kok belum pernah tahu. ternyata dia begitu sering berseliweran, cuma saya-nya aja yang gak sadar.
maksudku begini.

hwang jin yii, 2006

baby and me, 2008

hong gil dong, 2008


beethoven virus, 2008

and suddenly he was like, BUM


who’s that?

ada gosip yang menyebutkan dia pernah operasi hidung (maybe that’s why i felt so unfamiliar with thus guy), tapi belum tahu juga bener gaknya. atau mungkin saya gak mengenalinya karena image-nya begiru berbeda, 2006, hwang jin yi–dia berperan sebagai seorang remaja polos yang masih baru saja mengenal wanita, lalu, lama saya tak mengikuti perkembangannya, tadaa, 2009, you’re beautiful–dia muncul sebagai vokalis grup band yang rada emo dengan mata di-eyeliner dan senyum sinisnya yang mak jleb.

i don’t know, apa ini gara-gara aktingnya yang emang oke, atau make up artist-nya yang jago, atau apa. yang jelas..

sekarang dia lagi main di drama yang lagi heboh banget, you’re beautiful, barengan park shin hye, lee hong ki, dan jung yong hwa. lucunya, belum lama ini jang geun seok terlibat dalam sebuah iklan etude house barengan park shin hye juga,


cute banget kan? lebih kocak lagi setelah mereka di you’re beautiful karakternya jadi begini



untunglah di episode 5 para kru-nya cukup bijaksana untuk mengembalikan ketampanannya!


asiiiiik… jadi gak sabar nunggu hari kamis… (sebenernya, drama ini tayangnya tiap rabu-kamis malam di korea, tapi berhubung internet saya lemot luar biasa, sangat gak memungkinkan untuk nonton streaming maupun mendownload dengan kilat. jadilah saya menontonnya kamis-jumat siang, hehe…)

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