fangirl update

check out kim bum’s latest looks!

OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!!!!

gaah, i’ve forgotten how much i like this boy when i saw him for the first time in bof. can’t say how many times i squealed at his smiles… kyaaaaaa!!
his current project is a wednesday-thursday drama, the woman who still wants to marry (yes, right, those all 7 words are in the title). here, he plays a role as a 24 year old musician guy, ha min jae, who will be paired with 36 year old news reporter, lee shin young (played by park jin hee).

i’ve watched some flashes of a few k-dramas that use this kind of younger guy-older woman pairing, such as my name is kim sam soon, dal ja’s spring, and what’s up fox. have to say that dal ja’s spring still be the winner. i don’t know will TWWSWTM break the record or not but i can see that this pairing has their own potential.

i think this role fits him better than his previous role in bof. i mean, if i looked back at yi jung,

all i could see is a charming looking teenager, dressed in suits, and trying to sway older womans–totally unconvincing (for me, at least). i mean, of course he’s playing his age, but, compared with the other hyungs around him… well, he’s just cute, but the cassanova? ugh, i don’t think so…

and now,
don’t know, but i think i can see him as a 24 year old.
the haircut and the props sure are helping.
not to mention the fact that he’ll sing the ost of the series.

now, time for some squeals.


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welcome (again)

hello there, if this is the first time you visit this blog, welcome! and if it isn’t then, welcome again! i’m on the process of re-making my blog (since i was too lazy to create a new one), so the customizing may seems a bit awkward. sorry for the inconvenience. i was thinking of re-using the previous themes, as i think to re-incarnate this blog (edit: but it  seemed weird combined with my new header, so i thought i’d prefer to won my header over the themes, and used a new theme instead). i want to start again from the beginning, and we’ll se if i can be more consistent this time.

now, the new thing is, i think i’ll start to write this blog full in english (well maybe not all, some post maybe wrote full in english, while the others just half-english). i know, yeah, i’m not a native speaker (born in totally non-english speaking community) and my english is far from sufficient, so it’s very possible to create some misunderstandings. but, i thought, since this is (still) new year, why not give my self a try?

because somehow, this morning, i woke up and this line suddenly popped up in my mind: let’s start a (late) new year with a (re)new(ed) spirit!