hello there, have you watched this drama?

oookaaaay, it’s been a looong-loooong time ago since the last time I’d wrote any post here. and it seems like I almost forgot that I have a blog here.

did i? to be honest, I’m not agree. actually, I’ve been sneaking time here and there to get myself write. but alas, in fact, there’s no time at all left for me even just for have a proper sleep (lebaaaaaaiiii!!!).

no, I’m not being hyperbolic or what. yes, it’s true that we’ve just had a holiday for a month, about a few weeks ago. but for myself, I would never agree to admit that as a holiday. twenty-four hours, thirty day (if not more) time of work. ggaaaaahhhhh!!!!!! I would never do it again (except if it offers more salary, perhaps I’ll consider it ;p). and after that, just when the new year had started, all the new lecturer seemed to join a games called “how much more task could you fed through your student”. seriously, it’s a really deadly games (especially for us, the students, the objects).

anyway, since I (almost) have some more quality time to relax now, I try to find out what’s going on outside there (note: that “twenty-four hours, thirty day (if not more) time of work” included the “isolated from free time even just to watch news on tv” in it).

it’s so amazing how the world has changed so much in such a short time while I was not paying attention. some singer-actress has divorce with her musician-husband. and so on… and so on…

and also, I find a new drama that aired in south korea right now, called 아가씨를 부탁해. literally means ‘take care of the young lady’ but officially introduced as ‘my fair lady’.


I was so interested with this drama, because, 1). yoon eun hye is in it and 2). I thought it would be interesting to watch her plays another new character, the really different one if not the real opposite of her last character from her last drama, ‘the first shop of coffee prince’. I personally adore her character in coffee prince. she’s just so fit for it, that I had thought that eun chan is really her (okay, hyperbolic), or at least she has some ‘eun chan’-ism on her.

in my fair lady, she plays as kang hye na (or kang hae na, whichever), a chaebol, heir of the big kang san group. she is, for short, like you can call her as the girl version of gu jun pyo on boys before flowers. glamor, arrogant and harsh outside, but so fragile inside.

I won’t write the storyline here because I would have a difficulty in keeping my writing focus on topic. moreover, there are some other people who has more talent to do something like that out there, like someone here. or just watch online here, if you’re curious about this drama so much.

what I want to do now is commenting. so many people outside there criticize the actors and the actresses, how they’re not fit with the character, how bad the acting, how weird their hair do, etc. I personally think they could handle their role pretty well.

yoon eun hye on my fair lady

and yoon eun hye is ok. nothing’s wrong with her, especially with her hair. in fact, I have that hairstyle on my head right now (minus the red color). perhaps, people just expecting too much on her, or they simply still have eun chan’s portrayal on her. perhaps, she just needs some adjustment. let’s give her some credits, folks, she’s been working so hard for that. you can’t deny that she’s progressing on the recent episodes, can you?

about the story itself, it’s just me or anyone notice that it resemblances a taiwan drama, ‘corner with love’? the characteristics, the relationship, even the first-meeting-scene of the two main characters is similar. well, of course not so similar like, say, hana yori dango and boys before flowers, which is indeed intentional. I just say that they do have some similarity, but not exactly same. speaking of which, would the end of the story be similar too? I don’t know, but I kinda have a vision about how the story would end (like everybody else doesn’t).

photos taken from dramabeans.com

(btw, i’m sorry if my english irritating you; this is the first time ever for me to write my post full in english, of course there’s a lot of mistake here and there, so thanks for your understanding)